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5/20/30pc Hair Vitamin Capsule Keratin Complex Oil Smooth Silky Hair Serum Moroccan Oil Anti Hair Loss Hair Mask Repair Damaged

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  • Description

    After washing the hair, wipe it half-dry (no dripping is fine), take 1 or 2 capsules
    (The amount depends on the amount of hair), slowly rub the hair until it penetrates, and then use a hair dryer
    Just blow dry.
    The hair is well absorbed, and the effect can be seen immediately after drying, without knotting or frying,
    There is also a touch of luster. As a temporary rescue, smooth the frizz and make the hair soft and smooth!

    Gold: Suitable for dry and dull hair and normal hair care to keep hair soft, smooth and shiny.
    Ingredients: Moroccan oil from Indonesia, jojoba oil, vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B-5
    Effect: Care and maintain hair moisture, hair feels softer and shiny, easy to take care of and look good glowing.

    Purple: suitable for perm,dyed and hard hair, with the strongest fragrance
    Ingredients: Formulated with Moroccan oil and triple care formula
    Effect: Nourishes dyed hair, cares for dull hair after dyeing or hair damaged by sunlight, so that dyed hair maintains luster and color. The hair feels soft and easy to comb, and the color is more durable.

    Red: suitable for dry or damaged hair, not suitable for oily hair
    Ingredients: Moroccan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin A, C, E. Vitamin B-5
    Effect: Nourish and repair brittle and rough hair, make hair healthier, stronger, silky smooth, and feel softer. deeply repair damaged hair, make hair soft and smooth as silk

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